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Anti Cotas
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Página de Depoimentos

Neste espaço, pretendo publicar reações de pessoas que viram o site, e desejam opinar sobre ele.
Mas a sua contribuição não é restrita a este espaço: se quiserem contribuir com artigos, fiquem à vontade.


Motherless Brooklyn
Jonathan Lethem

A mystery novel told in the first person by a young man who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. The mystery plot itself is stretched a little thin, but this is a real tour de force by a writer to watch.
- Submitted by Sheila


Wes Anderson, director

One of the sweetest and funniest movies of the 90s. Some people didn't like the main character, but I found him fascinating and charming in a squirmy sort of way. Also one of the best and least contrived happy endings I've seen in a movie recently. Bill Murray is great!
- Submitted by Jim


Josh Rouse

A quirky sophomore effort by a singer-songwriter to watch. Starts strong ("Marvin Gaye" and "Direction" are standouts) but eventually all the songs begin to sound alike, which is unfortunate. Josh should maybe hire a producer more willing to experiment with his sound.
- Submitted by Patricia